An Orchard in the Street (short fiction), October 2017 (BOA Editions, Ltd.)

Last Lake (poems), October 2016 (University of Chicago Press)

How Poems Think, September 2015 (University of Chicago Press)

Robert von Hallberg, author of Lyric Powers:  “This is a writers’ book—a must for poets. Poet-critics get at the meaning behind literary forms, and Reginald Gibbons does just that. He analyzes leaps of thought urged by rhymes, metaphors, and lexical choices. Chapters on the translation of Russian and of ancient Greek poetry are dazzling. This enormously readable book is part memoir, part report, part essay—and always conjectural, reaching forward.”

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Other books: 

  • Creatures of a Day (poems; LSU Press paperback; Finalist, 2008 National Book Award),  
  • Slow Trains Overhead: Chicago Poems and Stories (University of Chicago Press, 2010)
  • Sweetbitter (novel; Broken Moon Press; Penguin; LSU Press)
  • It’s Time (poems; LSU Press)
  • Sparrow: New and Selected Poems (LSU Press)
  • Homage to Longshot O’Leary (poems; Holy Cow! Press)
  • Five Pears or Peaches (very short stories; Broken Moon Press)
  • Maybe It Was So (poems; Univ. of Chicago Press)
  • Saints (poems; Persea Books)
  • The Ruined Motel (poems; Houghton Mifflin)
  • Roofs, Voices, Roads (poems; Quarterly Review of Literature)
  • Fern-Texts (chapbook, Hollyridge Press) 
  • In the Warhouse (chapbook; fractaledgepress)



  • Sophocles, Selected Poems: Odes and Fragments
    Princeton University Press (translations; hardback),
  • Sophocles, Antigone
    Oxford University Press (translated with Charles Segal; paperback),

“Sophocles’ text is inexhaustibly actual. It is also, at many points, challenging and remote from us. The Gibbons-Segal translation, with its rich annotations, conveys both the difficulties and the formidable immediacy. The choral odes, so vital to Sophocles’ purpose, have never been rendered with finer energy and insight. Across more than two thousand years, a great dark music sounds for us.” –George Steiner, Churchill College, Cambridge

“Produces a language that is easy to read and easy to speak…. Enthusiastically recommended.”–Library Journal [Starred Review]

“Gibbons’s translation is the most faithful to the original Greek I know … his translation is the truest to Sophocles’ language.” –The Journal of Classics Teaching

“Gibbons’ text remains faithful to the Greek and yet poetic and apt for the stage; and Segal’s contributions offer an insightful introduction to the play as a product of its own time. The combination of the two makes this new edition a great tool for college teaching and a rewarding experience of Sophoclean drama outside the classroom.” –New England Classical Journal

“These two new additions to Oxford’s ‘Greek Tragedy in New Translations’ series only add to the luster of the previous releases. Each is firmly packed with insightful introductions, comprehensive and numbered notes, glossaries, and up-to-date bibliographies (the plays’ texts take up about half of each volume). The collaboration of poet and scholar in each volume produces a language that is easy to read and easy to speak (compare, for instance, the Watchman’s first lines in Shapiro and Burian’s Agamemnon with those in Lattimore’s 1947 translation). Each volume’s introduction presents the play’s action and themes with some detail. The translators’ notes describe the linguistic twists and turns involved in rendering the text into a modern poetic language. Both volumes are enthusiastically recommended for academic libraries, theatre groups, and theatre departments.”–Library Journal [starred review of Oresteia and Antigone ]

  • Euripides, Bakkhai
    Oxford University Press, included in The Complete Euripides, Vol. IV, Bacchae and Other Plays (translated with Charles Segal; paperback),

Edited Volumes

  • The Poet’s Work: 29 Poets on the Origins and Practice of Their Art
    University of Chicago Press (editor; paperback),
  • William Goyen, Goyen: Autobiographical Essays, Notebooks, Evocations, Interviews
    University of Texas Press (editor; paperback),
  • William Goyen, The House of Breath, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition [the restored text]  
    Northwestern University Press (edited and with Afterword by RG; paperback),  
  • William Goyen, Half a Look of Cain  
    Northwestern University Press (edited and introduced by RG; posthumously published novel by Goyen; paperback),
  • Selected Poems of Luis Cernuda, with an essay by Octavio Paz  
    Sheep Meadow Press (translations; paperback),


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